Brown finds trouble again

Unfortunately for Brown, after attempting a 3-month stint at the Malibu Rehab center, he was ejected from the facility for violating a sleuth of rules, including touching a woman or coming within 3 feet of a fellow female patient or staff member.
Following this incident, Brown got into trouble again with the law after making threats, and found himself back in the courts earlier this year for parole evaluation.
While Brown’s continued use of Marijuana is unknown to the public, whatever he’s been doing the past few months seems to have worked, considering he’s stayed out of the limelight—outside of his situation of his ex-girlfriend Rhianna being taken away from him, by fellow American Rapper Travis Scott.
How Brown will handle this situation is still unknown, but considering he successfully completed his 6 year parole sentence, there’s arguably a lot at stake for Brown should he decide to return to his explosive, dangerous ways.

Still paying the price

Most recently, Brown’s concert tours both in Australia as well as New Zealand have been canceled presumably due to his previous assault and violence with former ex-girlfriend Rhianna. While the courts may have finally “pardoned” or let Brown off the hook, it doesn’t appear that the general public, across the globe, is willing to do the same at this point.

Concert endorsers and management in Australia said through their agency spokesman that they feared backlash, as well as poor turnout for the event due to Brown’s reputation and in turn made the decision to cancel out the tours. While Brown hasn’t yet officially commented or responded, this arguably isn’t good for his PR, nor his ‘wallet’—however “phat” or thin that might be now a days. Brown still continues to face common public scrutiny, talk show and internet “meme”s, hatemail, and other threats for his violence against former girlfriend and pop star Rhianna.

Hopefully Brown manages to keep his hands to himself, and in the future regains the respect and love of his fans, both old and new.

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