lenty of people attempt Mountain Biking as if it’s some sort of one-time expert-level game or hobby to be toyed with. Unfortunately, it’s anything but.

A great deal of practice, reliable hardware, equipment, bicycle (your vehicle), studying, patience, and strength goes into mountain biking, and unfortunately a lot of people neglect to take these variables into consideration before heading out on their first journey.

Getting Started

Ideally, if this is your first time mountain biking it’s obviously essential that firstly you have experience riding your bike long-distance (stamina), and that you also in general have strong stamina both physically—as well as psychologically should you ever get stranded or lost on your own.

For your first trip, it’s most ideal to go out with an experienced mountain biker, may it be an instructor, or just a close friend. Make sure you bring a map, understand the route before going, that your friend understands this is your first trip, and bring extra supplies as well as tools in case anything happens or fails with your bike.

Above all else, make sure you bring plenty of hydration (water) with you, as it can mean the difference between life and death.

The Risks

The risk that are involved with Mountain Biking should be fairly obvious.

• Death

• Serious injury, paralysis

• Death by a bear

• Death by being lost in the wilderness and failing to find your way home or be rescued

• Injury involving your bike, or another rider

• Broken bones and torn muscles from over-use or poor stretching/conditioning

• DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) due to poor physical strength and stamina preparation

As you can see by the few aforementioned examples, it’s not a joke, or a game. This is a serious, competitive sport that isn’t designed for the faint-hearted.

Do yourself a favor, lift weights, run, sprint, jog, and bike. When you get tired, bike some more. This is an extreme sport, and while it’s extremely fun, it’s also extremely dangerous.

The Rewards

This is the juicy part.

Most people cannot or are not willing to commit or try out mountain biking for obvious (hazard related) reasons.

This is an intense sport which commonly involves 5-10 foot drops off of cliffs, risking 50-100 foot drops or greater at any given time, mudslides, rockslides, ramming into trees, and more!

Don’t believe us? Just check out some Youtube videos of some of the most famous Mountain Bikers doing their tricks and setting out on some of the most dangerous trails, back flipping around, and more!

In reality, if you can mountain-bike and do it successfully, there isn’t much in life that you can’t achieve. Don’t give up if you get hurt the first few times, never quit, and always keep pushing.
In the end, only you can determine whether or not this is a sport for you, and whether or not both your body and mind can handle the challenge.

Don’t forget, bringing a Global GPS device and or piece of equipment that is solar-powered and allows you to send out an S.O.S. signal to nearby authorities just in case. It’s never a bad idea, as an unwanted drop could throw you off your trail up to 10-15 or more miles easily, and in turn leave you stranded.

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