We all know that going electric is the best possible way to become environmentally friendly and the electric powered “green cars” have become widely popular especially for this reason. While the petrol based fuel and diesel is still the way to go for the majority of car drivers’ times are changing slowly but surely and this also true for the air transportation business where plans are already out on producing short-haul electric powered flights.

Of course planning is way easier than actually making them work. Kerosene is still going strong when it comes to fueling airplanes and as the current tendencies show this will not change in the upcoming ten years. While Kerosene is definitely bad for the environment there is just no other fuel which could be used to make these huge vehicles stay in the air safely for multiple hours. The plan to release electric powered commercial flights is one to be made come true in the upcoming ten years.

Interestingly, the inventor of the idea of creating electric fueled planes does not come from an airline but from an independent British electronic company called Wright Electric who has the idea of removing jet fuel and replace it with the electronic technology. According to Wright this change would not only be an environmentally conscious choice: it would also make airplane ticket prices way lower than they are today: this leads to the assumption that one of the key reasons for the current higher prices is the price of jet fuel which is indeed high. The London-Paris flight takes approximately an hour therefore it would serve as a good start to bring electric powered plane engines and use them for domestic or short haul flights.

The plan seems to be so good, that there is already one low-cost airline who would be more than willing to switch to this technology: the British EasyJet, which is currently one of the largest European low cost airlines providing hundreds of flights all across Europe and its closer regions on a daily basis. The interest of the airline is in fact so high that it has already started talks with Wright Electronics on becoming the first airline to effectively use the electric –powered technology. The current prototype of this electric powered plane is called Wright One but it is yet to be produced as there is one significant issue which holds the whole project back and this is the question of battery life and performance.

According to Wright many years need to pass until such an electric powered battery will have a high enough performance to be able to carry a whole plane.

Wright is not the only one with the electric airplane plans: its American counterpart is called Chip Yates who is a US inventor and whose current electric airplane prototype holds the records for being the fastest of its kind. Airbus is also working on developing its first ever commercial electric flight.  According to news, Yates works alongside Wright to help them with their own creation. Let’s see how fast they can step and progress and when we can exactly board the first ever commercial electric plane.

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