Feral cats develop colonies in various places for various reasons. Often, the underlying cause is a lack of spaying/neutering at-home cats and outdoor cats. This, in combination with abandoned felines in general can lead to hundreds of thousands of homeless kitties in just a matter of months, so be on the look-out and don’t be surprised if your neighborhood has this issue—especially in a big city!

Unfortunately, unwanted feral cats throughout your property can leave a mess, damage, and overall be a hindrance to your daily life—especially those that are allergic to our feline friends.

Preventing Feral Feline Activities

Stray cats are going to continue visiting or “living” in the same places if they feel comfortable, are fed, or other natural reasons that for some reason don’t repel them otherwise.

Since obtaining a feline predator’s urine (what!) such as a Fox or Coyote seems improbable, here are a few other, more practical solutions:

• Apply strong-smelling (undesirable) foods or chemicals in the areas that the wild cats are frequenting the most on your property, such as ammonia, peppers, and citrus fruits or their peelings. Cats hate these, and even better, if they have to clean it off themselves they’ll associate your property as the culprit and hopefully not come back!

• Consider getting a Dog to ward away unwanted wild animals and other company that ruin your property—or are just flat out annoying you! Even if it’s just an outdoor dog, at least you won’t have to worry about the wild cats anymore. Plus, you now have yourself a watchdog for your home and loved one’s for when you’re away.

• Set up a non-deadly trap using fresh fish as bait and turn the wild feline into the shelter through one of their rescue programs—such as ACCTS, or the SPCA.
• Evaluate what types of plants you currently have (perhaps unbeknownst to

you) that are mint-flavored or even honeysuckles, as these attract felines.
• Obtain motion activated sprinklers and lights to scare away feline critters and make them not want to come back for more! Cat’s hate water, and shining a spotlight on them won’t be fun—especially since they’re nocturnal and actually have the best vision in the dark!

• If all else fails, buy and put a whole bunch of rubber snakes throughout your garden and cross your fingers! Snakes are predators and most cats will be heavily deterred—if they’re convinced it’s real! Unfortunately, cats love toys, including rubber, so hopefully they don’t figure it out!

Trying to rid your property of unwanted wild cats can be daunting (especially if they’ve multiplied over time), but all is not lost! Sometimes contacting your local animal humane society or “cat catcher” will do the trick. Unfortunately, a lot of states don’t provide these services anymore due to a lack of funding.
Consider the benefit of making it harder to dig so cat’s stop using your yard as a litter box by applying screens, chicken wire fence, or other gating materials or obstructions to deter them.

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