While there’s been a lot of craze around cranberries and “weight loss”, Cranberry Diets, etc. it’s worth focusing in on more scientifically proven and studied findings recently that have found that cranberries actually help in the treatment and recovery from a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI).

Cranberries are so effective at combating UTI’s because they remove and prevent various forms of bacteria from sticking to the walls of your ¬urinary track via one of its main chemical compounds, known as PACs, or proanthocyanidins. Likewise, cranberries can be used to combat bladder infections as well, as their high potency of proanthocyanidins as well bonding capabilities cause the bladder to ‘cleanse’ itself—often ridding your bladder of unwanted germs or bacterium.

Popular for Post-Surgery

Many medical professionals have found that the consumption of cranberries on a daily basis will help combat many common bladder and urinary tract infections due to catheter placement in the body during or post-surgery. Unfortunately, a catheter is a gateway for harmful bacterium and bugs, such as Proteus mirabilis.
Studies conducted and published by the Canadian Journal of Microbiology and Surfaces (B: Biointerfaces) found that a cranberries chemical compounds alter the behavior and life of a bacterium and its growth, by directly interfering and even in some instances reversing the growth of urease—an enzyme or “mitochondria” of a common bug or illness in such instances.

Maintaining a Healthier You and Combating Common illnesses

Cranberries are not only nutrient rich, but also contain loads of natural antioxidants that boost the body’s natural immune system and strength.

Although daily consumption of cranberries is highly recommended by scientists and medical professionals alike for a multitude of treatments and prevention, it’s important to note that cranberry extract is the most desirable form of said consumption. In fact, consuming (sweetened) cranberry juice alone on a daily basis is likely to trigger an increase in some infections as the sugar (glucose) acts as a source of energy for many bacterium in the blood stream and can cause unwanted side-effects.

Unfortunately, most cranberry juices come sweetened already, and eating them raw for some, can be a bitter experience. Therefore, the best solution to consume cranberry (extract) is via a vitamin pill, so that you can achieve all of the essential nutrients and skip out on the unwanted, unnatural sugar included in most cranberry juices sold in stores.

Energy and Better Health

According to research conducted by the University of Florida, daily consumption of cranberries and it’s natural chemical compounds can contribute to a healthier, more balanced you and immunity to common colds and illnesses in as little as two months.

While there are many values to consuming cranberries it’s still important that you pursue other vital nutrients and vitamins on a daily basis, such as B12 and Vitamin C.
Unfortunately, unbeknownst to many people, even those that try to pursue their daily nutrition via these vitamins and minerals fail to do so because the foods they eat to try and naturally acquire such do not have high enough levels or milligrams to meet a practical median for achieving such success.

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