Many people are coming up to that time of year when they make their “New Year’s Resolution”, and for many it’ll be cutting out the fats, carbs, cigarettes, alcohol, sweets, or other bad habits into the new year.

Most commonly, individuals will swear themselves into a new diet and even fitness routine to kick off the near year and work on gaining that beach body they’ve been wanting or yearning for far too long!

Unfortunately, through recent scientific studies and research, it’s been shown that we as human beings naturally resort to storing up or eating unnecessary amounts of food in a survival-like mode in which dates back to hundreds, if not thousands of years ago. This is known as a genetically influenced survival technique in which our bodies very commonly tend to activate and experience on a daily basis even in today’s modern world—and arguably much greater and sweeter food supply!

Taking this into consideration, poor dieting, along with a lack of adequate exercise routine, individuals deprive their brains of glucose (sugar) which is an essential, though desirable in its most natural form, energy in which contributes to the proper development and maintenance of both the human brain and body.

Understanding your ‘sweet habits’

In many instances, and people don’t even realize it, they involve themselves with sugar-like addictions through sweets such as candy or even coffee. While this is not only unhealthy for your body and often leads to unwanted fat, it also shoots up unhealthy and unbalanced levels of glucose (sugar) into your brain. In the instance of caffeine this is an especially detrimental habit to form, since ‘what goes up, must come down’. With that being said, many people fulfill the same unhealthy glucose intake habits or addictions in efforts to gain energy (due to lack of sleep) through the fastest ways possible by relying on other unnatural or unhealthy sources of sugar within their daily diet or food consumption.

This is bad news, since unwanted and unnatural levels of glucose within the brain as well as blood causes unstable blood pressure levels, and commonly cause unwanted fat around the waist line—as well as in the face, legs, and butt.

Practical solutions for restoring your diet and health

Anyone serious about kicking their unhealthy sugar-craving habits and fat-gaining diet can seek solution and understanding through some of the following techniques:

Consulting with a nutritionist to get on a healthier, more balanced and consistent diet that includes adequate, daily sleeping patterns.

Getting with a personal-trainer, or doing your own due diligence in research to get yourself to get into a more consistent routine of personal fitness
Making genuine and consistent efforts to kick unhealthy glucose (sugar) based diets or habits, such as coffee, candy, and even soda addictions. Sweets can be deadly!

Many people write off or miss out on the significance of glucose consumption, and because of this can even put themselves through phases of depression because of the highs and lows of unnatural levels of glucose or sugars flowing to the brain.

Listen to your body, try to get out more and exercise, do away with unhealthy fatty foods (which also contain unnatural or unhealthy sugars), and most importantly remain consistent—you didn’t acquire that unwanted fat around the waist or caffeine addiction overnight!

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