There is no doubt that Electronic Arts is a well known game developer studio that is always coming up with some of the best games. The biggest game by this studio, EA Star Wars Battlefront II released and it hits the stores’ shelves a few days ago and the game is not getting as much sales as expected by developers. This is the biggest controversy of the year in gaming industry that led to a negative impact on EA’s reputation. The game is getting 60% less physical sales as we compare it with EA Star Wars Battlefront. The expectation of gamers was ruined by EA and there are many reasons. The main reason is in-game loot boxes. EA tried to handle the situation and they turn of all the in-game purchases but this is too late. Basically, the requirement to unlock heroes is too high and this is why, developers faced the anger from fans. Well, you can say that this is a machine, if you pay then you are a winner and if you don’t then there is no place for you in the game.

What Sparked The Anger In Gamers About This Game?
As the game was pre-ordered by many and they started playing after the release. The issue arrived by a gamer on Reddit. He started a thread of comments that was titled “Seriously? I Paid $8o to have Vader locked?”. Well, this issue becomes the most famous talk on Reddit and it was down voted about 306,000 times. You will be amazed by the fact that this is the most down voted comment on Reddit, ever. Still now, the in-game purchases option is turned off but chances are more that this issue is going to decrease the reputation as well as sale of this game. This is the biggest flop as compared to the developer. The previous version was a huge success but not now, according to Disney, they won’t let EA ruin star wars with this drama.

The Impact On Electronic Arts
You can surmise with the physical sales of EA Star Wars Battlefront 2 that the company is facing a large loss. This game is still available to purchase but very few are getting it due to the controversies going around. There is no doubt that the sales will drop more because the trust among EA fans is broken. However, EA is trying to come up with some answers. Still now, nothing is working but chances are that EA will resolve the issue soon but how, this is the burning question to discuss. This loot crate problem is the most questioned issue but there are many more issues and glitches in the game.

Extra Issues In Star Wars Battlefront
The crate is the only method that can help in getting the weapons and new abilities in Battlefront II. If you open the loot crate then you get it but this isn’t easy to get. The alternative method is to purchase in-game currency. If you are not able to spend money then last option is getting weapons and abilities in the gift, reason can be any. Well, this is everything about the game but there is trouble in every method because getting loot crate is not easy at all. Spending money is the only option, but, that can cost too much. This is same with the scrap that is required in crafting. This is the reason that developers are facing the anger from fans.

EA Trying To Cover The Statement
In order to cover the issue, EA came with a statement that not every gamer is able to spend hours on a game and they can’t provide characters like Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker due to a sense of pride. They said that, spending money can speed up the process because gamers won’t have to waste any more time with the purchase option. But everything is going against EA because if you check out the previous games, the gamers are able to unlock the best players after completing some of the achievements. Other methods are possible that’s why the developers aren’t able to cover up this controversy.

Reviews Regarding EA Star Wars Battlefront 2
You can easily guess what the reviews will be for this game. Basically, this wasn’t the issue with the previous version of the game but now, this is trouble because every other gamer is facing the same issue. The game encourages you to spend money on the in-game purchases so that you can open up loot crates and others before others to have an advantage.

EA Star Wars Battlefront – Reason Behind Popularity
If you have played EA Star Wars Battlefront then you may know that this game was a huge success because there were very few problems and the developers didn’t force gamers to spend money on in-game purchases. Everything was fine in terms of unlocking crates but now, this becomes the biggest issue. This will teach a lesson to most of the game developers. Consequences are high that EA won’t get many sales in upcoming games due to the drop in reputation.

Impact On Star Wars
There will be hardly anyone that doesn’t know about the famous movie series Star Wars. As you know that Disney won’t let this game ruin their hard earned reputation but anything can happen. Everyone is waiting for EA’s new statement that will tell that what is going to happen next.

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