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We were founded and started with only one man, and he goes by the name of CJ.

Cj started traveling the world and journaling at the mere age of 16. He originates from Pennsylvania but has traveled for long-periods of time throughout not only Canada and Latin America, but also up and down the East Coast, all the way down to San Antonio, Texas.

When CJ went on his first trip overseas to Asia, he met a great new friend with similar interests who happens to be a professional mentor, content manager, and host, who goes by the name of Josh. Josh is also an experienced traveler and journalist, website content publisher, and manager.

After spending about 1 and a half years in the Philippines mentoring CJ, Josh set CJ free to go onto his own and be his own successful entrepreneur. Josh has since continued developing websites and mentoring others for successfully starting their own businesses, blogs, and more.

NewsFix has since expanded globally and we now cover not only North American News, but also Specialize in Latin American News and Events, Asian Pop Culture and News, and as of most recently have begun immerging ourselves into the potential of investigating, researching, and sharing with you popular news right from the United Kingdom!

We have collected several journalists and continue to grow our staff to bring you the most accurate and interesting news, with a personalized touch, and one in which could only possibly be experienced through NewsFix!

We openly welcome any feedback, questions, or contributions—so never hesitate to ask!

We here at NewsFix pride ourselves in servicing you and bringing you only the latest, most relevant news and events right to your computer-screen, so sit back, enjoy the show, and be sure to check out all the various sections of our website!

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